Farage Hits Back: I Couldn’t Give A Damn Who I Upset

5 April 2017, 20:10

Nigel Farage: I Couldn't Give A Damn Who I Upset

Nigel Farage hits back at criticism after he called the EU a "mafia" during a huge Brexit debate.


Nigel Farage came out fighting after he was criticised for his European Parliament speech, in which he branded the EU a "mafia".

The Ukip MEP made national headlines for his controversial remarks in the Brexit debate in Strasbourg on Wednesday.

Appearing on his nightly LBC show, a number of people sent Nigel a message, critical of his extraordinary speech.

Miguel wrote: "You should resign, you got Brexit based on lies and there's nothing else for you to do. You're not the government, nobody is going to negotiate with you and you should leave."

While Alysia added: "You're a Charlatan, you're abusing the poor people who only understand the simple and stupid words that come out of your mouth, you should not be allowed anywhere near the European Parliament."

Dusting off the judgements, Nigel fought back: "If my simple and stupid words have made people in Britain today understand this extraordinary extortion racket of being asked to produce £52bn quid before beginning a serious negotiation, you know what? In the light of that I couldn't give a damn who I upset.

"I'm pleased we're leaving the European Union because I think Britain's future is global."

Watch Nigel's full response to the uproar above.

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