“Has The EU Realised Britain Has The Stronger Brexit Hand?”

13 July 2017, 20:29

“Has The EU Finally Realised Britain Has The Stronger Brexit Hand?”

“Has The EU Finally Realised Britain Has The Stronger Brexit Hand?”


Has the EU finally realised that Britain has the stronger hand in the Brexit negotiations? That’s the question Nigel Farage was left pondering.

The EU’s chief negotiator has met with Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon and Carwyn Jones today - despite stressing he would only negotiate with the UK government.

Nigel has also noticed a “change of tone” with the way Mr Barnier has been approaching the whole Brexit process lately.

Michel Barnier Nigel FArage

It left the LBC presenter wondering if there had been a sudden realisation that the UK has the upper hand in the negotiations.

The outspoken MEP debated whether German car makers were now telling Mr Barnier to get a trade deal or “we’ll lose jobs”.

Or, if the Irish Government are beginning to fear without agricultural exports to the UK the Irish rural economy is in “real trouble”.

Nigel said he thought the EU was in “trouble” as he added: “I wonder if he sees that weakness and is using it as an effort to divide us”.

Watch Nigel’s take at the top of this page.

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