Nigel Farage Told By Business Owner That British Workers Are “Lazy”

6 September 2017, 20:19

A businessman told Nigel Farage he has had to employ workers from the European Union because Britons are “too lazy” to work.

Henall runs a cafe and said he has tried his very best to get UK workers onboard, but found they never turn up for interviews.

A leaked draft government plan revealed firms would have to recruit locally unless they could prove an “economic need” to employ EU citizens post-Brexit.

The caller told Nigel that Brits weren’t interested in working in the hospitality business because they found it “demeaning”.

“Only people from European origin will happily work in that industry,” he said.

“I’ve recently tried to employ two British 16 year-olds, to try and give them their first job and they’ve said: ‘Oh it’s too much hard work, I’m going’.

“The next thing I do is get somebody who is 24 from Romania or Poland who will happily do that job.”

Nigel said he did think there was a problem, however argued that in some cases big businesses used it as an excuse to “keep wages down”.

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