Nigel Farage Challenged To Say Something Nice About Jeremy Corbyn

30 May 2017, 20:19

This is the moment Nigel Farage was challenged by an LBC listener to “say something nice about Jeremy Corbyn”.

The outspoke politician was broadcasting his nightly show from a conference in Portugal when the gauntlet was thrown down.

Nigel is not usually shy in expressing his opinion about the Labour leader - or any politician he doesn’t agree with.

But, when he received this message from Paul, he was ready to step up to the plate.

Paul asked: “As you’re meant to be a neutral broadcaster, try saying something nice about Jeremy Corbyn.”

The LBC presenter was quick to reference a tweet he sent to his 800,000 followers last night following the May V Corbyn: Battle For Number 10 interviews.

He said: “I put out on Twitter that whilst I didn’t agree with Jeremy Corbyn’s politics, I thought he came across as a very genuine person.”

Nigel noted that his tweet was shared thousands of times, including by Labour MPs.

“I couldn’t have actually been nicer about Corbyn,” he said.

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