Nigel Farage Declares He Isn't Scared Of The UK Failing To Reach A Deal With The EU

8 October 2017, 10:53

"No deal is better than where we are now."

Theresa May has suggested she won't shy away from demoting Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

It's reported she's considering a Cabinet reshuffle later this month - in the hope of bolstering her authority.

Nigel Farage said it was absolutely crucial the UK had a strong leader when negotiating with the EU.

He argued that a weak leader would secure a weak trade deal for the country - in which case he would much prefer no deal at all: "No deal is better than where we are now."

Nigel Farage isn't scared of a no deal outcome
Nigel Farage isn't scared of a no deal outcome. Picture: LBC

The Ukip MEP said: "Listen here, I coined the phrase 'no deal is better than a bad deal.'

"No deal is better than where we are now. Paying up to £10bn every single year into an organisation that over regulates many of our industries, takes away our fishing waters and bans us from making our trade deals with other parts of the world.

"I would like a grown up, sensible trade deal. But from what I can see from the Junckers, the Barniers the Verhofstadts is total obstructionism.

"Anyway they're far too busy to defending police barbarity in Catalonia. I'm not scared in the least."

Watch the whole clip above.

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