Boris Tells LBC: I'll Be Voting To Bomb Syria

2 December 2015, 09:45

Boris Johnson has told LBC he'll be voting for airstrikes in Syria but admits he defeating ISIS will not be quick.

Parliament will debate the issue for more than 10 hours in the House of Commons before a vote later tonight.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari on Ask Boris, the Mayor of London says we need to take action.

He said: "We are aware of plots emanating from that part of the world. This is a clear and pleasant danger to our country.

"If we can do something to wipe them out at source, to cut the head off the snake as the Prime Minister puts it, then I think that should be supported."

Mr Johnson defended David Cameron over his controversial comments that those people who are against airstrikes are "terrorist sympathisers".

He added: "To allow them the excuse and the justification that this is something to do with foreign policy - with Israel, Palestine, the Iraq War - that is beside the point.

"It is playing their game, it is using their language, it is advancing their cause. 

"That is what the Prime Minister meant and I have to say I think he is making an extremely good point."

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