Powerful TfL Campaign Encourages People To Report Sexual Harassment

10 March 2017, 12:04

Powerful TfL Campaign To Encourage People To Report Sexual Harassment

This is the 'sex pest unmasked' Transport for London campaign encouraging people to report sexual harassment on the Tube.


This is the 'sex pest unmasked' Transport for London campaign is encouraging people to report sexual harassment on the Tube.

Transport for London have today (Friday) released their new campaign video encouraging people to report unwanted sexual behaviour on the Tube with a powerful 'sex pest unmasked' video.  

The 'Report It. Stop It' campaign aims to highlight that all cases reported will be taken seriously, and the new clip underlines offenders can be caught at any time.

The campaign forms a part of a programme to eradicate unwanted sexual behaviour on London's transport network, with the last campaign video racking up more than 13 million total views on YouTube.

Reports of sexual offences have doubled since 2012/13, and arrests for sexual offences have increased by 36 per cent between 2014/15, when the initial video campaign was launched, and 2015/16. 

Since TfL and the British Transport Police launched the Project Guardian partnership in 2013, with the aim of eliminating unwanted sexual behaviour from the transport network, the number of annual reports has doubled from 1,023 in 2012/13 to 2,087 in 2015/16.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “Keeping Londoners safe is my top priority and I want all women and girls to feel confident travelling on our transport network. 

"This vital campaign highlights how any form of unwanted sexual behaviour is unacceptable, and victims must be given the right support when they report offences."

As part of the campaign, TfL have also released two case studies, where two women anonymously recount their experiences of sexual harassment on the Tube. 

The pair both say that their experiences were treated very seriously, and their descriptions led to the prosecution of a man. 

Two Women Recount Their Experience Of Sexual Assault On The Tube

Two women, who remain anonymous, tell of their experience of sexual assault on the tube and how they reported it.


To report unwanted sexual behaviour on public transport, text 61016 or call police on 101 and give details of what, where and when.


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