Theatre Company Faces Backlash Over Millennial-Bashing Job Advert

18 July 2017, 15:49

This job advert had gone viral after it mocked the work ethic of millennials.

A London theatre company has come under fire after posting a controversial job advert which questioned whether millennials knew anything about the real world.

The Tea House Theatre in Vauxhall found itself under hot water after it posted the bizarre ad for an administration role which paid £15,000-£20,000.

The advert starts “Dear millennials” and then proceeds into a full on rant questioning the work ethic of young people, reading “it shouldn’t be this hard” to find “a grafter, who can commit”.

The company explained how it had not been “impressed so far” with the applicants received after “putting this advert up for the third time in as many months".

It has since been removed from the Art Council England website, who said it breached its terms by targeting a specific age group.

A “millennial” is usually applied to people who reached adulthood in the 21st century.

The questionable ad has come under attack after it began to circulate on social media.

The Tea House Theatre

One user wrote: “Dear Tea House Theatre, it's never good to advertise that you're entitled, patronising & abusive. Love Millennials x".

Another added: "Props to @TeaHouseTheatre for not even bothering to hide their nauseating contempt. Pro tip: 'Dear Millenials' is never a good opener."

Harry Iggulden, company director of Tea House Theatre, told LBC he had received “vicious threats” after the letter went viral.

Speaking to Iain Dale, he explained he only published it after becoming “frustrated and grumpy” when he reached a "snag" with the applicants.

He said: “Some of the things being said are borderline illegal.

“There are some threats being made and obviously I’m a married man, I have children, we’re a small independent company and so it unsettles people.”

Here's the full advert, read it and see what you think:

Controversial job advert in full.

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