Amazing: Tube Worker's Hilarious Boxing-Style Announcement

28 April 2017, 16:00

Fight Night On The Tube!


Here's the proof that TfL staff can have a wonderful sense of humour - even if the passengers don't!

This District Line announcer at Victoria station landed a knockout blow when he decided that instead of just revealing the details of the next train arriving on the platform, he would impersonate a boxing announcer.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...the train now approaching Platform 1, weighing in at 38.9 tonnes of pure TfL's your District line service covering all stops to Richmond!"

He didn't forget the important messages, encouraging passengers to use all available space and stand back behind the yellow line - but it's the first time we've heard it done like this!

Ahead of the big Joshua vs Klitschko fight this weekend, one thing is clear - when it comes to TfL employees, this announcer is the undisputed funniest.

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