Patrick Gunar, 22, was jailed for three years on Monday

Man Who Violently Robbed 12-Year-Old Girl Jailed For Three Years

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Nikolai Glushkov: No sign of forced entry at Russian's home, police say

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School bomb hoaxes revealed to be part of Minecraft gamer feud

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Disgraced Cardinal Keith O'Brien - ex-leader of Scottish Catholic Church - dies

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Navratilova slams BBC for paying her 10 times less than McEnroe for Wimbledon role

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Foster parents of Parsons Green Tube bomber: He was a 'good boy'

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British woman Anna Campbell killed fighting with Kurdish militia in Syria

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'My two beautiful sons died from ecstasy overdoses - we need to regulate drugs'

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Gambling machine review recommends £30 stake limit

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Chemical weapons inspectors: What will they do?

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Call for city centre drug testing stations 'to save lives'

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British man, 22, falls to his death from balcony in Palma, Majorca

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