The Tweet That Is Coming Back To Haunt Jeremy Corbyn

8 August 2017, 12:00

James O'Brien Accuses Jeremy Corbyn Of 'Epic Hypocrisy'

James O'Brien Accuses Jeremy Corbyn Of 'Epic Hypocrisy'


This is the tweet from Jeremy Corbyn that led James O'Brien to accuse him of "epic hypocrisy".

Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro has been accused of behaving like the "dictator of an evil regime" by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

But asked to condemn the leader who he had previously praised, the Labour leader said: "What I condemn is the violence that's been done by any side, by all sides, in all this. Violence is not going to solve the issue."

The problem is, that goes 100% against a tweet Mr Corbyn sent in January in the context of Theresa May refusing to condemn Donald Trump's travel ban:

After reading the tweet, James O'Brien said: "I think by his own moral code, Jeremy Corbyn is guilty of epic hypocrisy on the Venezuela story.

"But that doesn't mean that the weight and the scale of the coverage of his Venezuela connection is remotely fair."

Iain Dale also criticised the Labour leader over the tweet, saying:

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