“You Can’t Rescue Her” Lucy Reassures A Man Suffering A Heartbreaking Loss

Man can't move on in new relationship after a heartbreaking loss


This caller suffered a terrible loss with his ex-wife, and he says the sadness is stopping him from moving on. Lucy offered a different perspective.

This caller told Lucy Beresford that despite he and his wife had for each other, they had to divorce after their 5-year-old son died from Leukaemia. The shared sadness was too much for them to go on.

Since then he has started a new relationship and also managed to remain friends with his ex-wife. But he can’t bring himself to tell her he’s moved on. He says he feels like he’s not fully committing.

Lucy said that bereavement makes many people feel this way: “It can often leave you with a residue of guilt, in the sense that ‘if I give my heart to somebody new, does that mean I’m betraying or being disloyal to the person I’ve left behind?'”

However much he wants to honour his ex-wife, Lucy explained that there’s only so much he can do.

"You can't resuce her.

“You can’t be entirely responsible for your ex-wife’s peace of mind and future happiness.”

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