Caller Disagrees With Maajid On Charlottesville, Ends Up Doing Complete U-Turn

16 August 2017, 12:16

This caller phoned to say Maajid is wrong to equate the Charlottesville terrorist with a Jihadi one - but ended up doing a U-turn and agreeing with him completely.

Chris in Edinburgh said that a Jihadi who drives into innocent pedestrians is worse than the Charlottesville killer, who did the same.

But when Maajid asked if he thought white supremacy was not as bad as Islamist supremacy, he conceded he was wrong.

Maajid Nawaz was discussing the Charlottesville protests, where on woman was killed
Maajid Nawaz was discussing the Charlottesville protests, where on woman was killed. Picture: LBC / PA

He then said that it was important that the Charlottesville murder was put into context.

But again, he changed his mind after Maajid asked what he would think if a Muslim caller said we needed to put Isis into context.

And then every time he had a point, Maajid responded and he did a complete 180.

He ended the call by saying: "Well, you won that argument."

But Maajid conceded: "People like you give me hope in humanity, because what you've just done now, I hope, is a lesson and example for everybody listening who just wants to call in and defend Trump.

"So can I thank you Chris."

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