Maajid: We're In Denial That Child Sex Abuse Is A 'Sickness' In British Pakistani Muslim Communities

2 July 2017, 16:40

Maajid Nawaz: Child Sex Abuse Is A 'Sickness' In Our Communities

Off the back of the Rochdale sex abuse scandal, Maajid says we all need to acknowledge that there are problems within the Pakistani-Muslim community.


In a powerful speech on LBC, Maajid Nawaz says there is a sense of "denial" that the problem exists in certain communities for fear of appearing racist.

After Nazir Afzal, a prosecutor in the Rochdale child sex abuse scandal, called upon Muslim communities to stop blaming the victims of the abuse, Maajid Nawaz has confessed that there is a sense of denial about the problem in the Muslim communities. 

In a powerful speech on his LBC show, Maajid said that there is a sense of "denial" about the problem in certain communities and that the "problem is getting worse".

Maajid: We're In Denial That Child Sex Abuse Is A  

He said: "Over a three year period, 4066 sex crimes against girls and boys under the age of 13 were reported last year. We're not talking about consenting sex, or you know, the grey area. We're not asking 'was it date rape?'. We're talking about children under the age of 13. There can never be consent. 

"This sickness must first be acknowledged and then rooted out. It cannot be rooted out unless of course it is first acknowledged.

"The situation is being made worse by do-gooders who are attempting to brush it under the carpet for fear of appearing racist."

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