Matt Frei: If The Prime Minister Has A Sell-By Date, Take Her Off The Shelf

7 October 2017, 11:32

The LBC presenter responds to the deafening clamour for the Prime Minister's deposition.

Senior members of the cabinet have described Theresa May as presiding over a "monumental mess." Last week Boris Johnson joked she would be gone within a year.

Matt Frei questioned the point of having a Prime Minister with an expiry date.

He said: "The Tories are spending the weekend plotting to prop up a Prime Minister like a stuffed puppet, or plotting to remove her.

"They love an elegant solution to problems, stubborn ones. The referendum on Brexit was supposed to be one, putting to rest once and for all the issue that has torn at the Tory tweed. But the tweed is indeed torn.

"The divisions are greater than ever and the Tory party is stumbling around like never before.

"So. If she has a sell-by date, why not take her off the shelf right now?"

Watch the whole monologue above.

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