Matt Frei's Blinding Take On Trump's Future

8 October 2016, 10:35

Watch Matt Frei's devastating take on Donald Trump after the leaked tape sparked the hottest row yet about his candidacy.

Talking on his LBC show Matt explained why Republicans are abandoning Trumps campaign in droves after tapes of Trump making shocking comments about women emerged.

“Can you hear that sound? Can you hear it? It is the sound of Republicans stampeding for the exit.”

“It is the sound of one senior Republican after another waving goodbye to Donald Trump and saying I don't have anything to do with you- in the interests of self preservation.”

“Paul Ryan the speaker of the House of Representatives, a very important Republican who reluctantly endorsed Donald Trump just a few weeks ago has disinvited him from a campaign event in Wisconsin, his home state, this afternoon."

“That's a really big deal to disinvite a presidential nominee who until very recently had a chance of winning from such an important campaign event.”

“Other Republicans are doing exactly the same the Republican Party has always had a really big problem with Donald Trump. But now it faces an extinction event, if you like, if he carries on with his candidacy, because they are convinced that he's gone from being a winner to being a loser.”



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