Nick's Very Tough Questions For Foreign Aid Advocate

20 April 2017, 12:33

Nick Ferrari Has Some Tough Questions About Foreign Aid


Amy Dodd, director of the UK Aid Network, says our foreign aid money has done a huge amount in the fight against ebola. Fine, says Nick, but why are we sending money to North Korea and India?

"How does it help spending £4m on Korea?" asked Nick, who was covering Bill Gates' plea for the UK to protect its foreign aid spend.

"We have to recognise that development is complicated," responded Dodd. "We end up working in places with governments that we don't necessarily like."

"We have no record of where the money goes," said Nick. When Dodd said she didn't have great detail on where our money goes in North Korea, Nick turned to an African country instead.

"Tell me the benefit of funding contraceptive clinics in Malawi."

Dodd: "I think it benefits British listeners and voters because British listeners and voters actually care quite a lot about the world."

Nick wasn't backing down: "My listeners can't get cancer treatment in some parts of the country and we're funding coils and contraceptives for girls in Malawi, how does that work?"

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