Leave Would Win Second Referendum On EU By Even More, Peer Tells LBC

20 February 2017, 09:04

Lord Digby Jones Nick Ferrari

Lord Digby Jones told Nick Ferrari that if we held a second referendum on the European Union, the Leave camp would win by an even bigger margin.

The House of Lords are debating the Brexit bill today and many are threatening to vote against the bill which MPs passed through the Commons earlier this month.

But Lord Jones, a former Trade Minister, told LBC that despite all the bluster, the Lords should pass the bill comfortably.

Leave Would Win Second Referendum By Even More, Peer Tells LBC

Lord Digby Jones tells LBC that if a second EU referendum was held tomorrow, Leave would win it even more convincingly.


He said: "I've been around down in Asia and Australia in recent months lecturing, talking to governments, talking to opinion formers and I can tell you, they can't wait to do trade deals with us.

"And what's more, this is Asia's time, this is Asia's century. We are tailor made.

"Going around the country, if you held another referendum today, Mr Blair, you would find exactly the same as you got on the 23rd June. If not more. You might just find instead of 52-48, but 54-46.

"I do not see this changing in the mood - and I get around, I don't just do the Metropolitan Elite. I go and talk to a lot of good quality people from lots of parts of society and I can tell you, things haven't changed.

"I know who I think should be worried - Europeans. I reckon Merkel is sitting there in Berlin saying 'Oh don't leave me alone with the French.'"

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