Nick Can't Believe Caller's Reason For Germany Opening Its Borders

20 December 2016, 08:17

Nick Ferrari Unbelievable

"You need a history book." This caller's idea about Germany and its immigration policy is quite unbelievable.

As reports emerge that the man who drove a lorry into a market in Berlin killing 12 people was a recent immigrant from Pakistan or Afghanistan, Germany's immigration policy is coming in for heavy criticism.

Many believe Angela Merkel's government have been too liberal in opening their borders, but this caller to Nick Ferrari had a very different view.

Nick Can't Believe Caller's Reason For Germany Opening Its Borders

As Germany's immigration policy is criticised, this caller has an incredible view about the country's obligations.


Lydia believed that the problems in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other areas is "our fault in the first place." Nick was a understandably baffled about what Germany was responsible for. Then Lydia said something incredible:

"Have you heard of Hitler?"

What the actions of a man who died more than 70 years ago had to do with today's immigration crisis wasn't clear, but Nick suggested that Lydia could do with getting a history book for Christmas.

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