Nick Dismantles Caller's Rant Against Muslims With Absurd Comparisons

21 April 2017, 11:26

Nick Dismantles Caller's Absurd Proposal


Malcolm’s argument about what muslim’s should do in the wake of terror attacks falls apart when Nick presents some comparisons.

After yesterday’s attack in Paris, which police are treating as an Islamist terror incident, Malcolm called Nick with a radical proposal for what he wants muslims to do.

“The solution is after every one of these events, these atrocities, we go on the radio and we invite muslims to leave their religion.”

“Oh my word.” Was Nick’s response.

He then presented Malcolm with some other terrible crimes and asked whether people associated with the perpetrators by something in their lifestyle or background should share some of the blame.

“When Jimmy Savile was found to be guilty of some of the most vile crimes imaginable, including necrophilia, do we need every radio and television presenter to come on the radio and say ‘I totally and utterly denounce what Mr Savile did.”

“I didn’t hear doctors dissociating themselves from Shipman and I didn’t hear lorry drivers [apologise] when Peter Sutcliffe was found to be the Yorkshire ripper.

“It’s a ridiculous argument, Malcolm.”

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