Taxing Dead People To Pay For Their Inheritance? Hideous, Says Ferrari

28 February 2017, 11:53

Nick Ferrari Squint Wide

Ministers are thinking about forcing people to pay for their social care from the money they leave behind when they die. Nick Ferrari thinks it's a horrific idea.

With huge pressure on the NHS as the social care crisis grows, Nick Ferrari spoke about reports that the government is considering dipping into people's assets once they've died to pay for their care.

10 years ago the Conservatives attacked a similar plan from Labour.

Nick Blasts Government For Social Care Inheritance Plan

Ministers are thinking about forcing people to pay for social care from their inheritance. Hideous, says Nick Ferrari.


And this morning, Nick laid into them for suggesting it now: "The care home starting price is around £700 or £800 pound a week [for the care of elderly relatives].

"I know they're going to tax you all your life.

"But now literally, literally, they're going to tax you after you die. So despite the fact that you've worked your lifetime to buy a decent house in Sussex, Surrey, wherever you want to be...when you die the taxman or woman will then have the right to come and say "Looking after you set us back £100,000 so that's got to come out of what you want to leave to your family.

"That is absolutely hideous."

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