The Afghan Who Points Out Why The West Will Never Win In Afghanistan

13 April 2017, 20:48

The Afghan Who Points Out Why The West Will Never Win In Afghanistan

The Afghan caller who explains why the West intervening in his country will never have a successful outcome.


Afghan national Naveed called Nigel Farage on Thursday after news broke the US had dropped the “mother of all bombs” in his home country.

Donald Trump said he was “very proud” of his military for using the US’ largest non-nuclear device on caves used by the Islamic State.

But, Naveed was quick to point out that no matter how many bombs the West dropped in Afghanistan, there was only going to be one winner.

Speaking to Nigel, the LBC caller said: “Fourteen years of having British and NATO forces in Afghanistan did not help anything.

“I recently came back from Afghanistan and in the cases where the British and American soldiers were like Kandahar and Helmand, as soon as they left, the Taliban all went back in there and they just control area.

“It's not going to help, because after the Russians left we had a Mujahideen and then after them we had the Taliban now Isis, god knows how many more is going to come in invade Afghanistan.”

Nigel asked Naveed whether there was anything that could be done in Afganhistan to stop to spread of Isis.

Naveed continued: “Never were arms and boots on the ground ever going to win.

“The only way to win in Afghanistan is to educate people and that's the thing and poverty, poverty and education these things can only win in Afghanistan and the Middle East apart from that I don't think anything will help.”

Watch Nigel Farage’s unmissable reaction to the “mother of all bombs” here.

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