Nigel Responds To Arron Banks' Letter To Paul Nuttall

27 February 2017, 21:33

Nigel Farage talking

Nigel Farage says he “does not agree with everything” written in an open letter to Ukip’s leader by party donor Arron Banks.

Nigel Farage Responds To Arron Banks' Open Letter

This is what Nigel Farage made of Ukip donor Arron Banks' open letter to Paul Nuttall, who called on the leader to make him chairman on the party.


In the document penned to leader Paul Nuttall, Mr Banks asked to take over as the party’s chairman as he called for a “total rebrand” of Ukip’s image.

The Ukip donor also wrote the party should adopt an online “direct democracy” approach - which would allow direct input from the public.

Responding to the letter, Nigel said on his LBC show: “I don't agree with everything in Arron Banks' open letter.

“But, the idea that Ukip becomes a little bit like a Five Star Movement in Italy, with huge involvement for its membership by voting online and by broadening the idea that we should have referendums on key issues I think is a great idea.”

Nigel also gave his backing to Mr Nuttall, after he was beaten by Labour in the Stoke by-election last week.

“My view is that Paul Nuttall is a good chap. I've known him a long time,” Nigel continued.

“He's had a very tough couple of weeks. He is the right guy to lead the party.

“I think the party needs to be a little bit less Metropolitan then one or two aspects of it currently are and it needs to be a radical party.”

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