Somalian Man Tells Farage: Trump Has Been Too Liberal With Travel Restrictions

6 March 2017, 19:27

Somalian Man Tells Farage: Trump Has Been Too Liberal

Here Ahmed, a Somalian-British man who has lived in the UK for 27 years, tells Nigel Farage Trump has been too liberal with his "travel restrictions".


Here Ahmed, a Somalian-British man who would be affected by Trump's restrictions, tells Nigel Farage the President has been too liberal.

Ahmed phoned Nigel Farage during his LBC show to say that he thinks Trump should include more countries under his 'temporary travel restrictions'. 

The Somalian-British man said he would be affected by the travel ban - but thinks it should be stricter. 

He said:  I am from East Africa myself, from Somalia and I've been in this country for 27 years, I'm a dual citizen, I'm a British citizen, and I am a Somali citizen.  

"People like me are affected by this travel ban. And look, what it is, Donald Trump hasn't chosen those countries that he has personal interest in, like Saudi Arabia, and, and UAE, where terrorists, main terrorists come from."  

Nigel then asked the caller: "So Ahmed are you saying, are you saying Ahmed, that Trump really has been too liberal with this, and he should have had a lot more countries on the list?  Is that what you're saying?"

Ahmed said: "Of course, yeah. Because it's not fair that he targets the weak countries, that have weak economic powers, that have no influential influence on the UN, United Nations.  

"They have no, do you know what I'm saying, he chose the weakest countries, the weakest Muslim countries, with low income. But he hasn't chosen those countries that he has personal interest in, like, for example, investment, he's got personal investment in those other countries that he didn't put in the list.  And I don't find usually fair to be honest."

Nigel responded: "I'm sure, Ahmed, you know, your point about including Saudi Arabia, I think that would get massive support from LBC callers, listeners, texters, tweeters, Facebookers, and I'm sure it would in the United States of America too.  But I mean, Ahmed, when you came to this country 27 years ago, I mean, Islamic terrorism didn't really exist, did it?" 

Ahmed said: "Yeah it didn't really exist."

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