Suzanne Evans: Youth ‘Indoctrinated’ To Love EU

3 April 2016, 11:02

Suzanne Evans says that young people are 'indoctrinated' to support staying in the European Union and that it is paid for by Brussels.

Talking to LBC's Stig Abell she said that young people are ‘indoctrinated’ during their education by professors who are funded by Brussels.

Polling data shows that younger voters support staying in the EU but are unlikely to go out and vote in the referendum.

“Our young people have been very much indoctrinated during their time at school,” Evans said.

"It's fascinating, part of this indoctrination is paid for by the European Union. There are people who are called Monet professors, who the EU actually funds."

“I don’t mind funding education but what I do object to is taxpayers money funding propaganda.”

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