The Alex Salmond Phone-In: Referendum Special - Watch Live

15 March 2017, 13:41

The Alex Salmond Phone-In: Referendum Special

Former First Minister Alex Salmond is live in the LBC studio to take your calls for an extended edition of his LBC phone-in in the week that the SNP is seeking a second independence referendum.

Live from 4pm, Salmond will be fielding calls and offering his take on the dramatic events this week as Nicola Sturgeon announced her plans to hold a second independence referendum.

Newspaper reports have suggested Salmond was one of the key people in the upper echelons of the SNP pushing another vote. It's just three years since Scotland voted to stay in the United Kingdom but the SNP argue that Brexit has changed all that.

Every week Alex joins Iain in the LBC studio to take calls from listeners but for one week only, we're extending the show to 60 minutes to give you your chance to speak to him.

Angry about the idea of a referendum?

Excited about it?

Either way, you can watch the show live here on

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