Nick Ferrari To Paul Nuttall: Why Is There So Much Confusion Over Your Life?

6 June 2017, 09:54

Nick Ferrari Asks Paul Nuttall About The 'Confusion' In His Life

Nick Ferrari asks Paul Nuttall about all the "confusion" about his life.


This is the moment Nick Ferrari put all the controversial moments of Paul Nuttall's life to him.

Nick asked the Ukip leader if he was really a professional footballer, if he was really on the board of North-West Training and whether he really lost a close friend at Hillsborough.

And the Ukip leader took on each allegation one-by-one.

On LBC's Leaders Live, Nick asked him: "Why is it that confusion dogs you so much about whether you were a professional football player. Or whether you were member of the board of directors on North-West Training?"

Nick Ferrari Paul Nuttall

Mr Nuttall explained how the rumours started and what the truth is.

On being a professional footballer: Mr Nuttall said he played as a youth player for Tranmere Rovers from 13-18. In 2009, a press officer asked if he played for Tranmere and he said yes and she wrote a press release saying he was a professional footballer.

On being on the board: "They okayed that press release back in 2009. I never said I served on the board, I was verbally asked to sit on the board. They okayed the press release and then it comes to 2017 and they said they didn't."

On losing a close friend at Hillsborough: "It was a coordinated political hitjob by the Labour Party, which was suggesting I wasn't at Hillsborough, even though I gave the Guardian written proof that I was there on the day, even though I gave evidence to Operation Resolve.

"The problem was, something had gone up on my website back in 2011, which I'd never even seen, and I was mortified. Absolutely gutted."

Nick responded to his claims, saying: "For a relatively young man, there's a lot of confusion about your CV, isn't there Mr Nuttall?"

The Ukip leader's answer: "No."

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