Lord Falconer Says Labour Needs To Trust In Cobryn's Success

9 June 2017, 08:17

Lord Falconer Says You Can't Dispute Jeremy Corbyn's Success

Former Labour Justice Secretary and friend of Tony Blair Lord Charlie Faulkner says the party needs to trust in Corbyn's success.


The former Justice Secretary under Tony Blair's Labour told LBC the party must follow up on Jeremy Corbyn's success and explained how he beat May.

After Labour’s surprise performance, Nick suggested that Labour might now think about putting a more centrist politician like Yvette Cooper at the helm of the party. Lord Falconer disagreed.

“I think the precise opposite,” he said. “I think the view of the Labour Party will be ‘you’ve got to listen to the electorate’

“What happened in this election, you can’t dispute the figures. He connected. He had the momentum.”

The turnout appears to be higher than in recent General Elections, which has benefitted Corbyn. The close friend of Tony Blair highlighted the youth element of this as key.

“It looks like young people did go to the polls having been enthused by Jeremy.”

Beyond the youth vote, Lord Falconer said the Jeremy Corbyn addressed people in a way Theresa May failed to.

“He did make a connection, and it was people thinking ‘this guy has got something to say about our lives, whereas Mrs May hasn’t got anything to say about our lives.

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