David Cameron became the youngest British Prime Minister in almost 200 years when his Conservative Party formed a coalition with the Liberal Democrats following the 2010 General Election.

Mr Cameron entered parliament in 2001 as the MP for Witney and became leader of the Conservatives following their election defeat in 2005, replacing Michael Howard.

After serving as Prime Minister in a coalition government, he lead the Conservatives to a majority victory in the 2015 General Election. But he left his post following the EU Referendum vote for Brexit.

He married Samantha in 1996 and has three children, Nancy, Arthur and Florence. Their first son Ivan, who had cerebral palsy and Ohtahara syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy, which meant he needed 24-hour care, died in 2009, aged six.

Born: 9th October 1966
Height: 6'1"
Position: Former Prime Minister and former Leader of the Conservative Party
Twitter: @David_Cameron
Salary: £74,000

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