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Iain Duncan Smith On Corbyn

Iain Duncan Smith's Scathing Attack On Corbyn for 'Politicising Manchester Attack'

2 days ago

Iain Dale and Iain Duncan Smith

"How Can We Believe A Word You Say?" Iain Locks Horns With IDS Over Manifesto

2 days ago

Diane Abbott and Iain Dale

Iain Quizzed Diane Abbott About Her Track Record And She Wasn't Happy About It

2 days ago

Iain Dale listening

Extraordinary Caller Saved From Radicalisation By His Family

2 days ago

Paddy Ashdown Jeremy Corbyn

Paddy Ashdown Accuses Jeremy Corbyn Of “Reinforcing Isis’ Message”

2 days ago

Iain Dale angry

Iain Dale’s Poweful Defence Of The Manchester Vigil Is A Must-Watch

3 days ago

Michael Fallon

Michael Fallon “Disappointed” In US For Leaking Manchester Terror Information

4 days ago