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Iain Dale - The Best Bits

Steve Rotherham

'Corbyn Is The Most Honest Politician I Know'

12 hours ago

McDonnell Phillips LBC Head In Hands

Jess Phillips Comes Very, Very Close To Calling John McDonnell A Misogynist

1 day ago

Iain Dale Counter Point

Iain's Beautiful Counter To Woman Who Says Homosexuality Is Hatred

Iain Dale Listening To Callers

Amazing Call - Liverpool And London Labour Supporters Clash Over Corbyn

100 On The Left

Iain Dale's 100 Most Influential People On The Left

4 days ago

Lord Lawson Mark Carney

Lord Lawson: Carney Should Stand Down Over Brexit "Scaremongering"

5 days ago

Jeremy Corbyn Coffee Shop

Caller's Corbyn Coffee Shop Analogy Sums Up How His Critics Feel

6 days ago