Arron Banks Says Theresa May's Policies "Farage In A Skirt"

19 April 2017, 19:06

Arron Banks says Theresa May is almost Nigel Farage in a skirt


The former Ukip donor said Theresa May's approach was almost the same as the former Ukip leader.

Iain Dale asked Banks whether the Tory’s Brexit policies had made Ukip redundant.

“To say Ukip is obsolete is wrong. It has set the political weather, it’s set the agenda.

“If you look at Theresa May’s Conservative party, if take away the skirt, it’s almost Nigel Farage, isn’t it.”

However, he did say the party needed to consider its position strategically.

“I think it would be ill-advised to stand against pro-Brexit because we do need a stable government, and clearly Ukip’s not going to form the next government.”

Banks also told Iain Dale that he would run against former Ukip MP Douglas Carswell in Clacton, but he did not confirm whether he would be the Ukip candidate there.

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