Brexiteer Says He’d Now Vote Remain After Being Treated By Foreign Nurses

11 October 2017, 17:52

This caller used to be a passionate Brexiteer, however, he’s told LBC he’d now voted Remain after being treated on the NHS by mainly EU workers.

James from Lewisham said it wasn’t until he had an accident at work and required a trip A&E did his view on immigration change.

“Every single person that I saw through from A&E, through to theatre, the tendon specialists and even the plastic surgeons - non of them were British,” he told Iain Dale.

“Every single one was a foreigner which shocked me because it changed my attitude and changed the way I was going to think about things in the future.”

During his open and frank conversation on LBC, James added: “We need these immigrants to come in… If I was to vote again I would probably vote Remain.”

Watch the remarkable call in full above.

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