Exclusive: Ukip Leader Nuttall Confirms He Will Stand

27 April 2017, 17:02

Paul Nuttall Tells LBC: I WILL Stand In Election


Paul Nuttall has told LBC's Iain Dale that he will stand for election this June, just months are losing a bruising by-election in Stoke.

"I will be standing in the election," Nuttall told Iain, "And we will be announcing the seat in which I stand in within the next 48 hours.

"Of course as the leader of the party I will be leading the party into battle as I have done many times in the past."

Asked by Iain why he made the decision, Nuttall denied being "unsure" about whether to run or not.

"I wasn't really unsure, I just had to take a decision as to what the party really needed me to do.

"I saw what happened with Nigel Farage in 2015 where he spent the majority of his time down in Thanet and I basically had to take the decision as to whether the party needed me roaming the country and geeing up the branches and appearing on the media...it's quite difficult to do both when you're the leader of Ukip."

Nuttall said that unlike other political parties, "we don't have a safe seat."

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