Hague: 'Great Political Party' Like Labour Can Recover

18 April 2017, 17:39

William Hague Says 'Great Political Party' Like Labour Can Recover


The former leader of the Conservatives said it would be in the national interest if the party recovered.

With Labour trailing the Conservatives by 21-points in latest polls, Lord Hague said there was hope for the party.

“I don’t think you can ever write off a party like the Labour party.

“It’s in a terrible position at the moment with a leader who clearly most of his own MPs don’t want to be leader, with policies that are in a state of chaos. It can hardly form a shadow government let alone a government.

“But it is still a great political party and I think can recover. And I think it is in the interest of the country if it one day recovered. But I hope that doesn’t happen in the next seven weeks.”

He cited his own party's experience in the 90s and 00s as an example of recovery.

“They said when I was leader of the Tories after the massive election defeat in 1997, how can the Conservatives ever win again.

“Yet there were… Conservative governments again.”

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