"Get Real!" Iain Dale's Got Some Harsh Truths For Anti-Trump Caller

20 February 2017, 18:32

Iain Dale Hands

Diana says we should rescind the invite for Donald Trump to visit Britain. Iain Dale has to remind her that all that would do is "make a few lefties happy".

Iain Dale Says This Anti-Trump Caller Is On "A Different Planet"

"Get real!" Iain Dale has some harsh words for this caller who says we should uninvite Donald Trump.


As MPs debate the visit of Trump and thousands protest in Westminster, Iain took some striking calls from very passionate people on both sides. While some Trump fans said we should respect the office, Diana was deadset against it.

She not only insisted that Trump hadn't won the popular vote - something Iain pointed out didn't matter under the US system - but also said we should take back the offer of a state visit.

So Iain dished out some home truths about what would be achieved if we did scrap the visit.

"It would be shooting ourselves in the foot to disinvite him," Iain said, "It might make a few virtue-signalling snowflakes feel a little better about themselves but it's not going to help in our dealings with the United States of America, a very important country to us.

"20% of our trade goes to the United States, are you suggesting we want to put that in jeopardy?

"To gratutiously annoy and embarass the President of the United States - frankly I think anyone who wants to do that needs their head read."

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