"Why Am I Even Here?" Migrant Clashes With Iain Over Post-Brexit Racism

23 February 2017, 18:03

Iain Dale Argument

This foreign caller tells Iain Dale that since Brexit, he's stopped feeling welcome in Britain.

Barry in Battersea is sick of foreigners being blamed for hospital waiting lists, overcrowded prisons and the housing crisis.

"Why Am I Even Here?" Hard-Working Migrant And Iain Row Over Brexit

Barry says foreigners like him don't feel welcome after Brexit. Iain Dale isn't going to let that one slide.


"It's always foreigners, foreigners, foreigners.

"We're to blame for everything! So yeah, I don't feel welcome any more."

But Iain Dale wasn't going to let Barry's claim that Brexit was to blame for immigrants no longer feeling welcome go unchallenged.

"How is that any different from before Brexit? What's the Brexit vote got to do with anything you said?'

Barry's response? "It solidified the fact that half the country feels that way...you can't say there's not been a paradigm shift in attitudes towards foreigners. We're all feeling it.

"It wasn't the same Iain. It wasn't so in your face. It wasn't 'Britain's at breaking point because of foreigners'."

Iain insisted that long before the Brexit vote, people were phoning him to share anti-immigrant views - but Barry wasn't one for backing down.

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