Teacher Tells LBC He’s Spent £1k On Supplies For Kids Due To Lack Of Funding

28 September 2017, 17:27

“I mentally type up my resignation every single day,” this primary school teacher told LBC as he revealed the true impact budget pressures were having on his job.

Thousands of headteachers across England are warning parents that there is “not enough money in the system” to fund schools properly.

The letter from more than 4,000 heads will tell almost a million families that the government’s new funding formula means their children face a “postcode lottery”.

At 23 years old, Turrell from Westminster is relatively new to the profession, but he is already thinking about a new career path.

In both an inspiring and concerning phone call to Iain Dale, he revealed his school is so strapped for cash, children would have to share rulers and protractors if he didn’t go out and buy them himself.

Even printing is a problem. He explained that everything has to be printed in the cheaper black and white ink, unless it is a “real necessity”.

"Im not asking for a flat screen TV,” he said. “I’m asking to print something in colour.”

During the incredibly candid conversation, Turrell told Iain: “Unless it’s English, maths or even science which has really been shoved out the curriculum, you’re not going to get the support you need financially from the school.

“I’ve gone to Tesco and bought my children cooking ingredients because I want to teach them how to cook.

“I went on eBay and bought them knitting needles because I want my children to learn how to knit.”

This astonishing revelation left Iain to ask: “How much do you think you’ve spent in the last year out of your own pocket?”

The teacher responded: “I’m not going to give a figure but it’s probably close to £1,000.”

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