Three Predictions For Trump From His Old Enemy Alex Salmond

11 January 2017, 17:28

Donald Trump Alex Salmond

Iain Dale asks former First Minister Alex Salmond to give three predictions of what will happen when Donald Trump becomes leader of the free world.

Salmond joined Iain in studio as Trump gave an extraordinary press conference where he reacted to the latest stories about his links to Russia, including some scandalous sexual allegations levelled at him.

Iain asked him for three predictions on Trump's presidency and Alex got straight to the point:

Salmond's Big Three Predictions For Donald Trump's Time In Charge

Alex Salmond's big predictions for the Donald Trump presidency.


1. It's Business, Not Sex That Could Undo Him

"He's much more vulnerable to the business stuff than he is hookers in Moscow sort of allegations," said Salmond.

2. He Won't Keep One Of His Biggest Promises

"I don't think that wall will get built," said Salmond of Trump's infamous pledge to build a wall between Mexico and the US.

3. International Politics Will Become A Powder Keg

Salmond told Iain: "The real difficulty with Trump is not policy...the real difficulty is what happens when somebody says no to him.

"In the nature of international politics and diplomatic relations, someone somewhere is going to say no.

"It's that reaction which is going to determine...the rest of us are just going to have to cross our fingers and hope the inevitable dispute that comes along doesn't involve the flinging of nuclear weapons on either side."

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