Evans Claims She Was "Bullied" Out Of Ukip

24 March 2016, 16:30

Suzanne Evans Gets Emotional As She Talks About Ukip Suspension

Am emotional Suzanne Evans of Ukip talks about falling out with Nigel Farage in an explosive LBC interview.


In an astonishing interview with LBC, an emotional Suzanne Evans claims she was "bullied" out of Ukip after falling out with Nigel Farage.

Confirming that her relationship with Nigel Farage is "totally broken down", Evans suggested she was sidelined because the party leader "saw her as a threat".

Evans was suspended from the party, but appealed unsuccessfully to the High Court to get an injunction to block the decision.

"I believe I've been bullied, yes, there's no doubt about that," she told Iain Dale.

As the LBC presenter recounted some of the aggressive conversations that Evans had with senior Ukip figures, Evans looked visibly upset.

"There's no room for bullying in any walk of life, let alone politics...there is bullying in all political parties, I suspect. And there's no place for it."

Iain Dale asked Evans if she feels she has been treated differently because she was a woman: "Not by Nigel.

"Some other people in the party, I think things have been said to and about me that would not be said were I a man.

"Let me be clear, that's not just men. There have been women in the party who have said things that they would not have said to a man."

In the remarkable interview, Evans also spoke about "adoring" Farage, why he should have quit after the election and welled up discussing the support she'd received.

Watch the whole interview here:

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