Brexit Is Ongoing, But Ministers Just Care About Ego-Battles, Booms O'Brien

17 July 2017, 11:18

James O'Brien Lays Into Cabinet's Ego Battles

James O'Brien Lays Into Cabinet's Ego Battles


Brexit negotiations restart today and yet all the Cabinet care about is ego-battles. It's pathetic, says James O'Brien.

David Davis returned to Brussels today for the second round of negotiations over Britain's exit from the European Union.

It's the most important issue in the UK today and it will affect the economy and everyone's future. And yet, Ministers are busy leaking stories about arguments during last week's Cabinet Meeting.

And that has left James completely baffled.

James O'Brien laying into the ego-battle between Philip Hammond and Boris Johnson
James O'Brien laying into the ego-battle between Philip Hammond and Boris Johnson

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "It just seems to be really ugly. It seems to me to be really childish, pathetic.

"The idea that we're not in a period of immense national importance, whatever you might think about it, is absolutely bonkers.

"March 2019 is going to come around frankly before we notice and then it all becomes real. It ceases to be the stuff of editorials and call-in shows. It becomes immediately and irrevesibly real in about 18 months time.

"And yet this weekend, the most powerful politicians in the country were whispering into journalists' ears about how awful the other fellow is.

"Am I alone in finding this more than depressing? More than enraging. I find it baffling.

"How can anybody at the moment be thinking that anything matters except getting our act together on Brexit?"

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