James Says Gibraltar Argument Shows Project Fear Becoming Project Fact

3 April 2017, 12:30

James Looks At The Absurdity Of Talking Up Conflict With Spain


James says the status of Gibraltar was warned about before Brexit, but Leave cheerleaders don't recognise this, instead they double down and talk about war.

Michael Howard, the former Conservative leader, said over the weekend that Britain could remind Spain of "what we're like" as he made reference to the Falkland's war when talking about a potential dispute over Gibraltar.

James points out that the risk to Gibraltar's status, and other British regions, was highlighted before the EU referendum.

"William Hague wrote about this, he name checked Ulster - how's that working out? - and Gibraltar as being among the first casualties of the Brexit vote. A whole page about it in The Daily Telegraph.

"That was 'Project Fear' and then when it comes true, when Gibraltar does appear to have been in some way compromised constitutionally by the Brexit vote, what happens? They start talking about war."

James says this is a distraction from what's really happening: Project Fear becoming Project Fact, something he says Brexit cheerleaders refuse to acknowledge.

"Instead of saying 'I'm really sorry, I didn't understand the issue when I poo-pooed the idea that Gibraltar might become a pawn in Brexit negotiations'.

"'I'm really sorry for calling that 'Project Fear', I'm really sorry for calling you a liar, I'm really sorry that I didn't take it seriously, I just didn't really understand the issue and God It turns out you were right and I was wrong.'

"No, no, no, no. You don't say that. If you're Michael Howard you say 'well we'll go to war against Spain then'."

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