James Has A Great Rebuttal For This Dad Who Smacks His Kids

5 January 2017, 11:24

James O'Brien Forceful

Nathan was mounting a passionate defence of parents who smack their kids to keep them in line. But James had one great point in response.

"I think a little tap, or a little smack on the bum, or a smack on the hand when they're truly naughty, that's acceptable," said dad-of-four Nathan, who also questioned why Welsh politicians could implement a ban on parents punishing their kids physically.

But James put him on the spot immediately with this question:

James Has A Great Rebuttal For Dad Who Says Smacking Is OK

James O'Brien has a great rebuttal for this dad who smacks his boy - and has no problem with it.


"Who else do you hit if they get on your nerves?"

Nathan couldn't answer, so James repeated the question.

"Who else do you hit if they get on your nerves, apart from children?"

"Well," replied Nathan. "No-one, I don't think.

"Seems a bit odd o start with children," said the LBC presenter. "You'd never hit an adult for getting on your nerves, and if you would, you'd probably get knocked out.

Nathan: "You can reason with an adult."

James: "If you can't reason with a child, that's might be your problem, rather than theirs."

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