"Every Brexiteer Argument Is The Same As Scottish Independence"

14 March 2017, 14:31

All the arguments that Brexiteers are using to say Scotland should stay in the UK are the ones they dismissed as Project Fear in the EU Referendum, says James O'Brien.

Yesterday, Nicola Sturgeon announced she would seek a new Scottish Independence Referendum before Britain leaves the EU in two years' time.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "Here's the madness where we find ourselves now. Every single argument that has even a vague semblance of sense to it that is being used to tell Scottish people why they shouldn't vote for independence is identical to all the arguments that were used by the Remain campaign to tell British people why they shouldn't vote to leave the European Union.

"You have so-called Brexiters employing precisely the same rhetoric as the Remain campaign - Better off together. Strength in numbers. History. Peace. The union. Economic certainty. Better the devil you know.

"All of the same arguments being used by Brexiters to tell Scots why they should stay that they laughed at and described as Project Fear when they were being used by Remain campaigners to tell Brits why they should stay in an even bigger, more powerful, economically stronger union."

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