James O'Brien Defends Gary Lineker Against The Sun

21 October 2016, 10:31

James O'Brien's Staunch Defence Of Gary Lineker

James O'Brien leaps to the defence of Gary Lineker, under attack by The Sun after showing support for refugees.


Gary Lineker "should be sacked" by the BBC for his views on refugees, says The Sun. James O'Brien mounts a stirring defence of the Match of the Day presenter.

That's one of the Tweets that has led to The Sun calling for Lineker to be replaced as MOTD host, as they branded him "jug-eared" and a "leftie luvvie".

He's also been attacked by Twitter users but the former England player turned broadcaster is standing his ground. This morning, he found an outspoken defender in LBC's James O'Brien.

"There are claims that because he's employed by the BBC, he shouldn't express opinions or affect the public's impression of its impartiality.

"How can you be impartial about human suffering?

"Here is someone, Gary Lineker, who thinks that human life is valuable. And also believes that we, as a developed nation, have a responsibility to protect it. That's one side of the argument. What's the other side of the argument?"

James then read a Tweet from someone who claimed that Lineker was part of a "sneering elite" ignoring the "genuine concerns" of people about migrants.

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