James O'Brien's Epic Rant: Why Are We Having This Election?

1 June 2017, 11:13

This is James O'Brien on top form asking the very simple question: Why on earth are we actually having this election?

Why Are We Having This Election: James O'Brien's Epic Question

Why Are We Having This Election: James O'Brien's Epic Question


Theresa May has been criticised for not taking part in the leaders' debate on TV last night, sending Amber Rudd instead.

And when her campaign is based upon "strong and stable" leadership, James was left wondering why we're even doing this.

Speaking on his LBC show, James said: "I want to know why we're having this flipping election, two weeks out from starting the most important political negotiation since the end of the Second World War.

"What are we actually playing at? Answer: It was called by a woman who insists that it's all about Brexit, but won't tell us anything at all about what Brexit is going to look like. OK?

James O'Brien and Theresa May
James O'Brien and Theresa May

"It has been steered by that woman towards the economy. "You ought to look at the costings, look at the Labour costings." And she's published a manifesto which contains no costings whatsoever.

"And finally "it's all about leadership" It's all about leadership. "Would you like to come to the leadership debate? No no no no no, I'm going to send a colleague who is currently grieving the passing of her father."

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