O'Brien: May Won't Condemn Refugee Ban, But Will Condemn Easter Eggs

4 April 2017, 10:55

James O'Brien: Why Is PM Commenting On Nonsense Easter Egg Story?


Theresa May refused to condemn Donald Trump's Muslim ban, but was quick to condemn a nonsense story about Easter eggs, says James O'Brien.

The Daily Telegraph reported this morning that Cadbury and the National Trust had airbrushed Easter out of their annual egg hunt - and Theresa May commented that it was "ridiculous".

But James thinks it's crazy that the Prime Minister won't comment on huge numbers of people being stopped from travelling to the United States, but finds time to condemn a story about chocolate eggs.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "Even by the standards of #fake news and ludicrous media manipulation, this story in The Telegraph which the Prime Minister has responded to... you remember that she refused to condemn Donald Trump's ban on refugees- Christian, vicar's daughter- but she's being very quick to condemn a complete nonsense, confected by the Daily Telegraph, about Easter eggs and Cadbury's and the National Trust.

"If you want to find out more about the promotional campaign which has airbrushed Easter from proceedings, the website you need is easter.cadbury.co.uk.

"We report it, quite rightly, because the Prime Minister has intervened. Luckily, we can then come on air after the news and say 'What the hell is the Prime Minister thinking of, intervening on such a hill of beans, such an inverted pyramid of piffle.'"

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