Why Grenfell Tower Death Toll Is At Odds To What Local Residents Claim

29 June 2017, 13:48

Why The Grenfell Tower Death Toll Is At Odds With What Residents Claim

Why The Grenfell Tower Death Toll Is At Odds With What Residents Claim


Sadiq Khan says that local residents are in "disbelief" at the current figure.

Sadiq Khan explained “What the met police are doing are going through every room on every flat on every floor.

There are “more than 300 officers on site, with a forensic team. They crosscheck those with the list of missing people, 999 calls and phone records."

The authorities are trying to be as “meticulous and responsible as possible.”

The London Mayor went on to say that the residents have “disbelief that the figure is 79, as high as that is."

He added that the local residents “don’t have confidence in the authorities.”

“I’ve said to the Prime Minister and the police to make sure the authorities are as transparent as possible.”

James O'Brien Sadiq Khan

James asked the London Mayor: “Why can’t they issue a worst case scenario?”

Sadiq Kahn went on to give James an example:

“There could be a flat where one person safely escaped, and he may not have a right to remain in this country.

“This one person is is frightened to come forward because he or she is worried that they could be deported if they came forward.

“My message to him or her is: the government has now given the assurance no action is going to be taken against you.”

He added: “Please, if anybody knows anybody who is missing, report it again. I’d rather you over report than under report.”

Watch the full clip above.

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