Caller's Great Conspiracy Theory For Maajid Nawaz

28 August 2016, 13:38

Caller's Conspiracy Theory Dismissed By Maajid

Maajid Nawaz was discussing the troubles in Turkey and couldn't believe it when this listener called up with the most remarkable of conspiracy theories.


Maajid Nawaz couldn't believe it when this listener called him with the most remarkable of conspiracy theories.

He was discussing the best way to solve the conflict in Syria and Turkey when Masood called him on LBC.

Massoud inslsted that the Kurds were innocent in the conflict, but when Maajid asked if they had ever bombed Turke, the response was: "Yes, but they were non-terrorist bombs."

When Maajid questioned what a "non-terrorist bomb" was, Massoud continued: "Turkey does these things and says that the Kurds are doing it."

Maajid responded: "Come on Massoud, I've just spoken about conspiracy theories and you've just popped one on air."

Maajid had a serious point to the Kurds - their actions make it difficult for people on their side to defend them.

He concluded: "I was trying to understand what you mean by non-terrorist bombs. I now understand. You're saying that the Kurds in Turkey have set off bombs, but they've targeted the Turking military, not civilians. I understand that point.

"I don't agree, because I think that the YPG and the Syrian Kurds, if they're thinking strategically, they should try to get as much sympathy as possible for their cause in Syria against ISIS.

"By doing anything or by supporting any activity in Turkey's borders, they are not only going to alienate themselves, but they're going to make it harder for people like me to defend and talk of their interests inside Syria."

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