Nick Tells Justice Secretary To Sort Out "Holiday Camp" Prisons

17 November 2016, 09:45

Nick Ferrari: Prisons Are Like A Stag Night In Prague

Nick Ferrari says we need to sort out UK's prisons, telling Justice Secretary Liz Truss it looks like a stag night in Prague.


Nick Ferrari has told Justice Secretary Liz Truss to sort out Britain's prisons, saying they are like a stag night in Prague.

The front page of today's Daily Mail shows seven prisoners from Guy Marsh prison seemingly having a party, with steak, homemade vodka and drugs.

Ms Truss insisted they were not holiday camps, but Nick wasn't having it.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "It looks like a holiday camp in this particular jail, Guys Marsh, a category C jail, doesn't it Secretary?

Ms Truss responded: "I visit prisons all the time I can assure you that they're not holiday camps. But what I want to see is prisons as places of discipline, of hard work and of purpose, actually turning those offenders lives around.

"And are we there in every single prison in all country? No we're not, which is why I launched a major reform programme to change the way our prisons operate to make sure that we do have the proper training and education in place and we also have disciplined regimes."

But Nick insisted: "But there's no discipline here is there, respectfully. They are sitting around drinking homemade vodka and taking drugs.

"This is like a stag night in Prague."

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