Nick Grills Tim Farron Over Second EU Referendum

19 September 2016, 10:25

Nick Ferrari - Tim Farron

This is the moment Nick Ferrari took Tim Farron to task about his calls for a referendum on the deal between the UK and EU after Brexit.

Tim Farron is calling for any deal between the UK and Brussels to be sent for a vote by the general public - a point Nick pulled him up on as he talked following the parties annual conference.

“The referendum we had in June, which I completely respect the outcome, I totally disagree with it, but I utterly respect it.”

“It’s nobodies fault but our conservative government that the deal is non-existent, we don’t know what we are heading for, we voted for leaving the Eu but we didn’t vote for a new relationship because none was on the ballot paper."

“This deal we are going to have, whether we are in the single market,  what form of free movement we may or may not have.”

“All those things, I don’t know what they are going to be, you don't, the British people don’t, Really don't think Theresa May knows what is going to happen next so a deal is going to be stitched up between Brussels bureaucrats and our government in smoke filled rooms and imposed upon the British people against our will.”

“There must be a referendum on the deal.”

Nick took him to task about exactly what would happen in the public then rejected that deal. Listen to the fascinating interview above.

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